How Creating a Memorial Keepsake Can Aid in the Grieving Process

Creating a memorial keepsake for a lost loved one is a highly personal and emotional experience. People in mourning look to celebrate the life of a lost loved one with cherished memories and expressions of ever-lasting love, and a memorial keepsake is one way people can do this.

Memorial keepsakes can last ages, either displayed prominently or passed down through families. When someone in mourning chooses a memorial keepsake, they know that they are commemorating their friend or loved one with a tribute that many people will see over the years.

In a time of mourning, people want a way to feel closer to their lost loved one, and memorial keepsakes help to create that connection. Memorial keepsakes can even help people through the grieving process.

The grieving process is known to have 5 distinct stages. First, people in mourning go through denial. Sometimes, they will isolate themselves during this stage. Then, grieving people go through anger, bargaining, depression, and, finally, acceptance. All of these stages are difficult, and there’s no timetable on the duration of any of the stages. The whole process can go on for as little as a week or for years.

A memorial keepsake can be used as a tool to channel the emotions encountered during the grieving process. For instance, someone who has reached acceptance can further cope by creating a loving memorial for a lost loved one.

Memorial keepsakes are tailored to fit the personality of the person in tribute. For instance, a favorite poem or lyrics can be imprinted on a memorial keepsake. A cherished photograph can be put into place. By customizing a memorial keepsake, a mourning loved one can channel their grief into something positive. This process allows the opportunity for a grieving person to feel a connection with a lost loved one, and it gives them time to reflect upon that person’s life and passions.

Dianne Tucker
Dianne Tucker


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