From Magical to Mystical - Meet Our New Fragrance Oil Burner Collection!

DiFranz Gifts is proud to announce that we’ve recently added a brand new collection of specialty fragrance oil burners. Our new line of oil burners include styles from the magical to the mystical, including designs such as the 3D Electric Oil Burner Wolf, Double Blue Dragon Poly Resin Oil Burner, and the Blue Stars Touch Electric Table Top Oil Burner.

Of course, the new collection includes designs for everyone. You’ll find oil burners with themes including cowboys, angels, tigers, chefs, religious, abstract designs, and more.

This new collection of oil burners pairs well with our newly launched collection of aroma oils, which includes 65+ enticing fragrances.

Oil burners are rising in popularity for their decorative flair, their safety, and because, when coupled with premium oils, their efficacy. We’re so excited to offer a line of oil burners that are outside the norm. We’ve thought outside the box to create a collection of oil burners ahead of the 2015 holidays, and any of these deluxe oil burners would make a beautiful addition to a home or office!

Dianne Tucker
Dianne Tucker


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