Warm Up Your Home with Lighted Canvas Art

There’s nothing that brings warmth to your home quite like canvas art, and we’re redefining the world of canvas art with a brand new product: lighted canvas art. If you’re looking for the perfect accent for your home or office, then check out our new line of lighted canvas art!

Lighted canvas art is available in many styles, making it easy to find a piece of fine art that will seamlessly fit into your home or office. By combining the charm of traditional print canvas and the beauty of modern technology, we offer canvas art with LED lighting. It’s amazing to see what a difference a single LED bulb can make - any space is transformed instantly.

Lighted canvas art can be turned on and off with a switch, so you have complete control over when to let your canvas shine! Powered by 2 AA batteries, each lighted canvas can support days of continuous use.

These canvases make excellent gifts for any occasion. Imagine offering your sweetie a romantic lighted canvas with a scene of glowing candles for Valentine’s Day!

Currently, our collection of lighted canvas art contains hundreds of printed canvases infused with LED lighting. Warm up your home with a lighted canvas from DiFranz Gifts!

Dianne Tucker
Dianne Tucker


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