Ibis & Orchid Night Lights

Ibis & Orchid Night Light Designs

Each Ibis & Orchid Night Light is beautifully designed and sculpted, cast in bonded marble, expertly hand painted and nicely gift-boxed. Ibis & Orchid Designs are known for their high quality plug in Night Lights, each one creates a unique cozy, warming glow in any space of your home.  Some of the many creations by Ibis & Orchid Designs, are the plug in Children's Night Lights, Baby Night Lights, Flower Night Lights, Hummingbird Night Lights, Bee Night Lights and so many more !  Make Your gift giving a treasured experience, whether you are buying a baby shower gift, home warming gift, birthday gift or a friendship gift, these beautiful plug in Night Lights will be used everyday and the gift giver will be thought of every time one of these many beautiful plug in Night Lights by Ibis & Orchid Designs is viewed.

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