Radiance Lighted Canvas

Lighted Canvas Art: the beautiful fusion of traditional canvas prints and modern technology.  A beautiful canvas print, which, with the flick of a switch becomes a beacon of glowing light. With classic canvas prints, stretched and nailed to real wood frames. Then take LED lighting, and insert one or more LED bulbs into the art. The resulting effect is LED wall art that looks positively stunning. Its captivating glow creates a warm and inviting atmosphere.  Shapes and sizes vary, as well as number of LED lights per print. The LED light source is battery operated - easy on/off. Some of our Lighted Canvas's have timers that automatically turn off the LED lighting.  Each of the Radiance Lighted Canvas items are operated by 2 AA batteries and, due to the small switch on the side of each canvas, they can be turned on and off without even removing them from the wall!  The LED lights draw little power allowing the batteries to last for days of continuous use.   

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