About Us

Nestled amidst the picturesque North Georgia mountains, DiFranz Gifts is not just an online store but a hub of artistic brilliance that illuminates homes with exquisite lighted vases, nightlights, and framed art prints. The company's origin is rooted in the passion and talent of Dianne Tucker, a second-generation designer and artist, who has been creating original art for over two decades. Inspired by the beauty of the surrounding landscape, which provides endless creative inspiration, resulting in a collection that exudes grace and artistic finesse.

At the heart of DiFranz Gifts this visionary artist and designer who inherited her artistic flair from a family legacy. Being a second-generation artist Dianne was exposed to the world of creativity from an early age nurturing her passion for art and design. Her upbringing in an environment teeming with artistic expression played a significant role in shaping her unique artistic perspective and design sensibilities.

With a profound appreciation for nature's beauty and a keen eye for detail her artistic journey has spanned over two decades. Translating the wonders of the natural world into visual masterpieces is evident in the exquisite designs featured in the Art In Lights and Framed Art collections.